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  • Status Available
J Nichols
  • Camrose, Alberta
  • Price Range $8-15 per gram
  • Prescription Limit 10 g
  • Preferred StrainAs Requested
  • Tending Experience4 years
  • Location Type Indoor

About me

I am a 100% organic grower, I use living soil via vermicompost. Additional nutrients are amended into my soil using Gaia Green dry amendments and compost teas. I include my Red Wiggler worms directly in the soil in my planters. I utilize leguminous cover crops (alfalfa, clover) to assist water retention and nitrogen fixing. I water with reverse osmosis water only. My girls will NEVER see pesticides or fungicides, I would rather take a total loss than risk contamination of my medicine! This is my passion coupled with production of my own arthritic/sciatic/nerve pain medicine!

Preferred Strains

  • As Requested
  • If I can source
  • Them.

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