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  • Status Available
Jamie Kanlagna
  • Woodstock, Ontario
  • Price Range $6-8 per gram
  • Prescription Limit 28 g
  • Preferred StrainBlueshark CBD
  • Tending Experience3 years
  • Location Type Both


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About me

An advocate for cannabis or more so the cultivar of cannabis also known as Marijuana. Striving to apply best practices for organic growing for safe consumption. Always a student, knowledgeable but never a self proclaimed expert.

Currently breeding my very own and my objective there is to create a chemovar that produces that perfect balance of THC and CBD. Follow my IG page @cityofweedstock for updates on my personally bred OHCanadaOG CBD ( BlueberryOG x Candida-1) and
SharkberryOG CBD ( BlueberryOG x Candida-1). Looking to create a top shelf therapeutic THC/CBD strain to mitigate chronic pain, inflammation, fibromyalgia, stress, etc.

Preferred Strains

  • Blueshark CBD
  • Lemon Thai Kush
  • Trainwreck
  • Blueberry OG
  • OhCanadaOG
  • Pineapple Chunk
  • OG Kush
  • Tenzin Kush #2
  • Tangilope

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